Carpet Care – The Best Way to Maintain It Yourself

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Carpet Care – The Best Way to Maintain It Yourself

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Maintaining beautiful carpets of all kinds can get tricky, especially if you regularly entertain, have pets or have little ones. But life’s not just about carpets. So let Walkers Floor Care give you the low-down on how to keep up your busy lifestyle without it costing you your carpet.


Regular carpet cleaning is essential to the longevity and vibrancy of any attractive carpet. But just how regularly you clean your carpet may be what sets it above the rest.

How often?

Carpets and rugs require regular cleaning. At least once a week is best to keep them in optimum condition, as well as timely odour and stain removal. Try to get to stains and smells as soon as possible to avoid any long-term effects. Deep cleaning your carpets once a year using a hot water extraction system is also required to keep your carpets vibrant and breathe new life into them.

Stains and Odours

Even with weekly vacuuming and yearly deep cleans, carpets need your immediate attention when it comes to stains and smells. They can stay in your carpets long-term if not treated correctly and in a timely fashion. Moisture absorbents work great to lift liquids out from your carpet, while salt can also do the trick. There are a variety of carpet deodorisers which can kill stinky bacteria in a short amount of time to ensure there are no lasting smells or stains. Carpet dying performed by an industry professional is also a handy trick in removing stubborn and impossible stains.


Tables, couches, chairs and coffee tables all require legs and feet. But over time, they can leave a lasting imprint when you rearrange your furniture. To make sure this doesn’t cost you the life of your carpet, it’s a good idea to find a small square of carpet to put under the feet of your furniture, ideally in a place where they can’t be seen while walking around.

For professional carpet cleaning, contact Walkers Floor Care for a free quote on the most affordable and easiest way to have your carpets cleaned. Extend the life of your carpets today and keep them looking their best by calling 0411 403 089 or visit our website.

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