Maintaining Stone Floors – The Dos and Don’ts

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Maintaining Stone Floors – The Dos and Don’ts

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Maintaining stone floors yourself doesn’t have to be difficult. Regular stone cleaning and polishing rejuvenates the shine in your natural stone floors, whether it’s marble, slate or granite. Let Walkers Floor Care provide you with a list of dos and don’ts to help ensure your stone floor is clean and polished and ready to shine year-round.

DO: Daily sweeping and stain removal keeps floors up-to-date and clean, while long-term stone floor cleaning requires a damp mop and sealing every two to five years, depending on the material of your stone floor, your desired look and the quality of the seal.

DO NOT use vinegar or lemon juice – or any other cleaner that contains acids – with a mop or other cleaning utensils on your stone floors. This can corrode them over time and will make them difficult to seal. Use commercial cleaners which indicate they are safe to use on the type of stone you will be cleaning. This could be marble, slate, granite or another type of stone floor.

DO use a squeegee when you have finished mopping your stone floors. This will remove any excess liquids that can pool in cracks and skirting. This will prevent grout scum and other bacteria which often grow when your floors are unattended.

DO NOT use scouring powders or creams for stone cleaning and avoid using vacuum cleaners with missing wheels which could chip your floor during the cleaning process.

DO regular checks of your grout and caulk lines. This helps you stay on top of any issues that can arise and, as it is with many floor care and floor cleaning methods, prevention and early intervention will keep your quality floors looking better for longer.

There are many methods of cleaning, polishing and protecting your stone floors. The secret is to ask a professional how you can keep your stone floors at their best and to always check the label when choosing cleaning and polishing products. For a free quote and more information on how your stone floors can shine for longer, call Walkers Floor Care on 0411 403 089 today.

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