Tile and Grout Cleaning

Complete mould removal with a sparkling finish.

Extend the life of your tiles to save you money.

Obligation free quotes at industry leading prices.

    Tile and Grout Cleaning

    Complete mould removal with a sparkling finish.

    Extend the life of your tiles to save you money.

    Obligation free quotes at industry leading prices.

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      Do you want to
      rejuvenate your tiled flooring...

      To reduce mould and dirt from tiles and grouting to ensure they are gleaming?

      To make your home more attractive and increase your property’s value ahead of a sale?

      To make your tile and grout flooring more hygienic and easier to look after?

      Whatever reason you have to clean your tile and grout,
      you’re in the right place.

      There are many reasons to have tile and grout flooring in your home. Not only is it a hard-wearing material, it is also attractive and relatively easy to clean.

      But if you have neglected your flooring for too long, everyday household dirt and grime can turn to stains, and moisture can lead to mould forming in the grouting.

      Without the right equipment, cleaning the grime out of the grout is almost impossible, so instead of scrubbing tirelessly to no avail, call the floorcare specialists and help us restore your home to its former glory.

      At Walkers Floor Care we have over three decades of experience dealing with the most challenging tile and grout stains.

      With affordable prices and our unbeatable 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, we provide quality workmanship at the most affordable prices, time after time.

      For all commercial and domestic tile cleaning services, call Walkers Floor Care today!


      Our Services


      How much does
      tile and grout cleaning cost?

      Is your floor looking worn out and tired? Have you spotted signs of mould growth? Or have your tiles become loose and cracked over time?

      At Walkers Floor Care we’re more than an affordable tile and grout cleaning team - we also remove dangerous bacteria, extend the life of your surfaces and add value to your home too.

      There is no one fixed price when it comes to tile and grouting cleaning. The quote you will receive will be based on your specific requirements as well as the size of the area needing to be cleaned.

      By offering dynamic pricing whether you have tiled floors in multiple rooms, as well as the specific tile type, colour of the grouting and the cleaning solutions used, we are able to provide lasting quality at the most affordable prices.

      To get your accurate and free quote, get in touch with our customer service team today.


      The importance of
      professional tile and grout cleaning


      Tile and grout cleaning removes
      stains and protects against future stains

      We often get asked what tile and grout cleaning is, and what is it good for.

      With 30 years experience as a family business, and cleaning skills passed down through the generations from father to son, we know what a difference it makes to have clean floors.

      Professional tile and grout cleaning helps to combat a range of household cleaning problems.

      Here are just some of the benefits of our service:

      Stain removal Finally get rid of built-up stains from shoes, pets, food and drink spills, watermarks and the mould that can accumulate in the grouting, causing health problems and odours.

      Pet and child mess removal If you have children and pets, you might find your tiling has become a shrine to muddy paw prints and crayon drawings. Even the most stubborn marks can be removed with our professional cleaning.

      Stain prevention If your tiles are hard to keep clean, sealing them can prevent dirt from building up. It preserves your tile surface and your grouting, reducing maintenance time and meaning they’ll look better for longer.

      Mould removal Mould accumulates in the porous grouting that holds your tiles in place. It is typically black and can be a cause of many respiratory conditions and allergies if allowed to build up. Regular professional tile and grout mould removal keeps your home and family healthy.

      Floor tile renovation Whether you want to have your tiling or grouting replaced or simply want your floor to look smarter with a good scrubbing, you can rejuvenate tile and grout, with our deep cleaner team in Drouin and surrounds.


      Our tile and grout cleaning process

      Wondering how to clean tile and grout floors?

      Our team of professional cleaners are so experienced providing thorough tile and grout cleaning that we’ve come up with our very own innovative four-step process which we use to remove even the toughest stains.

      It’s this experience that allows us to provide the very best, consistent results to all our customers, at a price that can’t be beat.

      Step One - Assessment

      First we’ll survey the damage to your tiling and determine the best products and tools to use based on the material and coating of your tiles and the colour of your grouting.

      Step Two - Pre Treatment

      Once we’ve found the perfect, effective and gentlest means of cleaning product to use on your tiles and grouting, we’ll apply a pre-treatment to help loosen up mould, residue, soap scum, dirt and any other contaminants.

      Step Three - Deep clean

      Next, we’ll use our hot water pressure system to blitz your tiles and grouting. This is the easiest way to clean tile and grout without scrubbing, and it provides a super shiny, like-new finish you can be proud of.

      Step Four - Maintenance advice

      Based on your home life and your lifestyle, we will recommend a series of tips to help you get the most from your tiling without having to be on your hands and knees scrubbing. Free advice to make sure your home stays sparkling.

      Don’t spend sleepless nights worrying about how to clean grout on tile floors! For your own free quote on floor tile and grout cleaning, get in touch today.


      As a professional tile and grout
      cleaning company, we can…

      • Give an expert deep clean thanks to our three decades of on-the-job experience.
      • Work to your schedule, needs and budget.
      • Eradicate stains and deep-set mould from grouting for a more hygienic home.
      • Seal or reseal your tiles and grouting to protect them and make them easier to clean.
      • Provide expert tips on keeping your tiles in the best condition.
      • Guarantee 100% satisfaction; if you have any concerns we’ll return at no extra cost.
      • Offer fully licensed and certified cleaners with accidental damage cover.

      Professional Tile and Grout Cleaning
      VS DIY Tile and Grout Cleaning

      If your tiles are in need of a good scrubbing, you might be tempted to do the job yourself.

      But the time and effort that goes into DIY tile and grout cleaning, not to mention the expensive equipment and potentially nasty chemicals, means there’s a lot to weigh up.

      Let’s take a look at the differences between professional and DIY tile and grout cleaning.


      Grout and tile cleaning is a difficult job if you’re not experienced and can take many hours to shift stubborn residue and mould.

      At Walkers Floor Care, we have the equipment, expertise and the experience to perform a thorough, deep clean of your tiled areas, whether it’s in your kitchen, bathroom or hallway.

      We use the best grout cleaner on the market and know the best way to clean grout in the shower, on your floors or anywhere else.

      The result? You save the sweat and stress of doing it yourself, and as we absorb the cost of expensive professional equipment, you save money too!

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      See the Walkers Floor Care
      difference for yourself

      Many customers think their stained, soiled and mouldy tiles and grouting simply can’t be remedied.

      The good news is, we’ve worked with a lot of tiling in poor condition, and there’s virtually nothing we can’t fix!

      Just take a look at our before and after tiling and grouting work to see what your home could look like with one phone call.


      Mould Removal

      This customer assumed that we wouldn’t be able to remove the ingrained mould that ran the full stretch of their bathroom feature tiling and grouting.

      But with our robust tile and grouting cleaning products, plus our expert hot water pressure system, we were able to totally remove all the black mould and restore the tiling to its original condition.


      Tiling and Grouting Cleaning

      Your bathroom floor cops a significant amount of punishment, with constant foot traffic day in and day out. With such a volume of movement this customer didn’t realise the condition of their bathroom tiles until they were noticeably affected.

      Our experienced team rose to the challenge to return these tiles to sparkling condition, with the muck and grime comprehensively removed, leaving their floor as good as new.


      Areas we service

      Tired of your tiles? Feeling grouchy with your grout? You spend a significant portion of your day in your kitchen and bathroom, so it’s a worthwhile investment to make sure those spaces truly shine.

      Based in Drouin, we work in the following suburbs.

      • Warragul
      • Moe
      • Pakenham
      • Garfield
      • Bunyip
      • Rokeby
      • Yarragon
      • Longwarry
      • Buln Buln
      • Neerim South
      • Warragul
      • Moe
      • Pakenham
      • Garfield
      • Bunyip
      • Rokeby
      • Yarragon
      • Longwarry
      • Buln Buln
      • Neerim South

      If you’re looking to hire a proven, experienced and hardworking tile and grout cleaning team then reach out and speak to us today!


      5 Reasons to choose
      Walkers Floor Care

      When it comes to finding the perfect tile and grout cleaning business, these are a range of reasons to choose Walkers. Here are 5 of the best.

      #1 Tailored plans

      Every customer’s needs are different, which is why we work with you to come up with a tailored plan to work around your specific requirements. Whether you live in a multi-storey house with an ongoing cleaning plan, or an apartment that needs a one-off service, our tile and grout cleaning prices work around you.

      #2 Expert services

      Not only are we a trusted family-run business, but we have also been providing professional floor tile cleaning for over thirty years. We know how to remove the most stubborn stains, can expertly seal or reseal your tiles, and offer the best advice on keeping them looking great.

      #3 Satisfaction guaranteed

      We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee which means that if you don’t like the results, we’ll come back out at ZERO cost to you and get it right. All the results with none of the extra cost to you. It’s the reason we have some of the best tile and grout cleaner reviews in Drouin.

      #4 Safe cleaning products

      We’ve got years of experience cleaning tiling and grouting, so we know the most effective cleaning strategies. Where possible we only use eco-friendly products that are chemical free yet powerful, to provide the best clean for your home. If your tiles require a different solution, we’ll talk you through the options.

      #5 Latest cleaning solutions

      We have the very best commercial-grade tile and grout cleaning equipment which means we can get far better results than a DIY job or a sub-standard cleaning team can. When you choose Walker’s Floor Care, you choose the best.


      That’s not all. There are even more benefits to our tile and grout cleaning process!

      There are so many benefits to our hot pressure water process for cleaning your tile and grouting. Here are some of our favourites.

      Quick and easy Our hot water pressure system is the easiest way to clean tile and grout without scrubbing, saving you the time, effort and aches of using old-fashioned elbow grease!

      Healthier and more attractive surfaces It restores the original condition of your tiles for an attractive finish that looks like new and is healthier for your family.

      Safer Using a hot water pressure system, there are few cleaning agents involved. Even better, we strive to use chemical-free products whenever possible to ensure the safety of you and your family.

      Adds value to your home If you’re thinking of selling up, professionally cleaning your tile and grout flooring could increase your sale price - a cost-effective strategy that can return big dividends on auction day. Find out more by getting in touch for your free quote!

      Carpet discoloration repair You can easily bring colour back to carpets by dyeing them. If you want to enhance their original shade that has been faded by sun damage or heavy traffic, choose carpet dyeing. Or if you’re wondering how to recolour a bleached carpet, we can help there too. Deep cleaning a carpet can help remove stubborn stains including bleach. But how do you recolour a bleached carpet?

      Don’t worry, we can help you choose a new shade that suits your practical considerations, your décor and your carpet type, while helping to blend in any such stains. We will then patch test your carpet before applying to the full area.


      Hear what our satisfied customers
      have to say about us!


      Our 100% Customer
      Satisfaction Guarantee


      At Walker’s Floor Care, we aim to deliver satisfaction to every customer we work with. That’s the reason behind our satisfaction guarantee.

      If you aren’t 100% happy with the work our cleaning team have performed, just get in touch and we’ll return promptly to get things perfect.

      It’s why we have so many word of mouth referrals and great testimonials from past clients.

      Not only that, we provide a no-risk service that is fully backed by accidental damage insurance.

      Have any questions, or ready to get your quote for no-risk tile and grout cleaning? Get in touch today!


      Frequently Asked Questions

      1What types of tile can you clean?
      We can clean all kinds of tiles, from stone and ceramic, to porcelain, marble and terracotta. And we’ll use the best products for your surface so as not to harm the tile underneath. Just get in touch with us today to find out more.
      2What should I do to keep my tile and grout clean?
      The best way to keep your tile and grout clean is to mop up any spills immediately, brush it often and dry the tiles once washed with a microfiber cloth or dry mop to prevent moisture getting into the grouting. Getting your grouting sealed can prevent damage and make cleaning easier.
      3How often do you need to clean tile and grout?
      Tiles in high-traffic areas should be cleaned daily ideally, or at least once a week. In high-humidity rooms, ensure they are wiped down with a dry cloth after use. We recommend having a professional cleaning every couple of years or when stains start to develop.
      4How do I whiten grout?
      You can whiten grout at home using a vinegar and bicarbonate solution. However, this requires serious elbow grease and also care not to damage the grouting underneath. The easiest and best way to whiten grout is to get a professional tile and grouting cleaner like Walkers to treat the area with an effective cleaning solution and blitz the tiling with a hot water pressure system.

      Are you ready to say goodbye to mould and muck with floors that shine?

      Book now or request a fast, obligation free quote from our tile and grout cleaners today!

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