Upholstery Cleaning

Remove odours and reduce allergies.

Extend the life of your furniture to keep money in your pocket.

Obligation free quotes at industry leading prices.

    Upholstery Cleaning

    Remove odours and reduce allergies.

    Extend the life of your floor to save you money.

    Obligation free quotes at industry leading prices.

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      Do you want to care
      for your upholstered furniture...

      To remove ground-in, stubborn stains and benefit from a more attractive home?

      To save time and money on reupholstering or replacement?

      To enjoy a longer lifespan from your home or vehicle upholstery?

      Whatever reason you have to clean your upholstery,
      you’re in the right place.

      Here at Walkers Floor Care, we know a thing or two about the care and maintenance of furniture.

      With thirty years in the flooring and home maintenance business, we not only have the skilled and experienced professional technicians but the latest commercial-grade cleaning equipment to get results.

      Furniture can become soiled by food, pets and chemicals, but over a longer term, it also accumulates skin cells, dust, hair and even bugs, such as fleas.

      We know that a light spritz doesn’t always do the job. Which is why we commit ourselves to providing a deep clean of your furniture when necessary. We also use some of the safest yet most effective eco-friendly cleaning agents, because an attractive home doesn’t have to cost the earth.

      Whether you have carpets, dining chairs, sofas, armchairs, mattresses, car seats or entire rooms that needs some TLC, get in touch about our Drouin furniture care and carpet cleaning services and get your free quote today.


      Our Services


      Why do I need
      my furniture cleaned?

      Upholstered furniture can quickly become stained and marked, and that’s not even mentioning the bacteria that’s building up underneath.

      Because of their size, or sometimes difficulty, many upholstered items are used on a daily basis for years without ever being properly cleaned.

      This means they can harbour contaminants such as hair, dead skin cells, dirt, food, body oils, and other residues that may not be apparent to the naked eye.

      Here are some of the benefits of upholstery cleaning by the pros:

      Thorough clean
      Removing all these contaminants isn't possible using just a household vacuum cleaner. You need specialist tools to get into all the nooks and crannies and blitz them clean.

      Best cleaning methods
      A professional company like Walkers Floor Care has all the best cleaning tools available, so you don’t have to go searching the shops for products that only do half the job (at best).

      Restored condition
      If your furniture looks old or has become heavily soiled, you might think it’s time to show it the door. Actually, professional cleaning can breathe new life into your furniture, preserving it for longer and saving you money.

      Improved hygiene
      If you or a family member has allergies and respiratory conditions, deep cleaning your upholstered furniture will make life easier. It removes allergens such as pet hair and dust to keep you and your loved ones healthy.


      What to expect
      from Walkers Floor Care


      Why choose us?

      We know it’s tempting to go for the cheapest price when you need upholstery or carpet cleaning, but there’s much more you should take into account, like expertise and reliability alongside competitive rates.

      Here are the benefits of hiring a professional cleaning service like Walkers.

      Tailored for your furniture At Walkers Floor Care, we provide professional upholstery cleaning for a range of materials and fabrics, so you can rest assured your furniture will be deep cleaned without causing damage.

      Professional services With more than three decades cleaning and restoring the floors and upholstery of property owners across Drouin, we can provide expert knowledge and solutions to treat your stains with a professional finish, attention to detail, and polite employees who turn up on time with the best cleaning tools on the market.

      Healthy & eco-friendly approach Our aim is to use only environmentally friendly cleaning products and solutions which are recommended as safe for use within households containing pets and children. If your stain requires another approach, we’ll talk you through the options.

      Flexibility Whether you need a one-off clean or regular maintenance cleans, we work around you and your property. Whatever your budget, time constraints, or your property type, from houses to offices and apartments, we can service your needs.

      Satisfaction guaranteed If the results aren’t exactly what you were hoping for, don’t worry, we’ll come right back out to ensure you are happy. That’s the Walkers Floor Care 100% satisfaction guarantee!


      Our Upholstery Cleaning
      and Restoration Process

      It doesn’t take long for your home and office furniture to become dirty and unattractive from spill stains, body oils, and everyday wear and tear.

      But how do you clean upholstery? Every item needs a specific care plan, which our technicians take into account when they are cleaning your furniture.

      With our four-step upholstery cleaning process, we can get your furniture looking as good as new at a price suited to you.

      Step One - Assessment

      We’ll conduct a professional review of your furniture to determine its material, construction and condition. We can then devise a specialist treatment plan using cleaning products and tools that won’t harm it.

      Step Two - Pre Treatment

      Once we know the problems, we can vacuum and brush it down thoroughly using our specialist tools. Then we’ll apply a treatment using our hypoallergenic cleaning solvents to remove any stains and bad odours.

      Step Three - Cleaning

      Once the stain or accumulated dirt has been released, we’ll clean it away in the most effective way possible always mindful of the correct temperature and amount of water which your furniture can sustain.

      Step Four - Finish

      We’ll ensure your furniture is as dry as possible to prevent mould forming and ensure you can see the results of our work, and we’ll offer expert advice on how to keep it clean in future. We can also apply a finish to certain furniture items to protect them, such as sofas, seat covers and armchairs.


      Our specialist upholstery
      cleaning company has…

      • More than thirty years’ experience providing professional upholstery cleaning.
      • The flexibility to work around you, your property type and budget.
      • Eco-friendly child and pet-safe cleaning products.
      • The expertise to enhance your furniture and prolong its life, keeping costs down.
      • A 100% satisfaction guarantee for your peace of mind.
      • The tools to target stains and remove buildup of bacteria and contaminants.
      • A team of honest and friendly technicians.
      • A guarantee to return at no extra cost if you’re not 100% satisfied with the result.
      • All licences and certificates for carrying out upholstery cleaning work.
      • Accidental damage cover for your peace of mind.

      Professional Upholstery Cleaning
      vs DIY Upholstery Cleaning

      You could choose to tackle your upholstery and carpet cleaning yourself, but how does it compare against a professional clean?


      See the Walkers Floor Care
      difference for yourself

      Ever wondered if your stain is simply too ingrained, or your furniture too hard to clean?
      Not for the professionals at Walkers! See our before and after photographs of upholstery cleaning or check out our case studies:


      Dining chairs

      This customer asked if we could remove unsightly stains such as damp and dirt from their dining chair seat cushions. With our quick-acting and safe cleaning products, we were able to tackle these in hardly any time at all, removing the marks and restoring the original pattern.


      Car seats

      Car seats inevitably become stained and discoloured after years of wear. When this customer asked if there was any chance we could restore their original colour, there was no doubt in our mind.

      We were able to apply a specific upholstery cleaning product for car seats to remove any deep-set dirt and topical stains. The result? A vehicle that looks as good as new – all thanks to a bit of upholstery cleaning.


      Areas we service

      Have you been looking for a furniture cleaning service that delivers quality results at affordable prices? Then your search is over!
      Our furniture and upholstery cleaning has been helping homes, businesses and vehicles for over 30 years and counting.

      Based in Drouin, we work in the following suburbs.

      • Warragul
      • Moe
      • Pakenham
      • Garfield
      • Bunyip
      • Rokeby
      • Yarragon
      • Longwarry
      • Buln Buln
      • Neerim South
      • Warragul
      • Moe
      • Pakenham
      • Garfield
      • Bunyip
      • Rokeby
      • Yarragon
      • Longwarry
      • Buln Buln
      • Neerim South

      If you’re looking to hire a proven, experienced and hardworking upholstery cleaning team then reach out and speak to us today!


      Walkers Floor Care Tips
      - How to maintain upholstered furniture

      Adequately maintaining your carpets and upholstery is the best way to keep it protected in between professional deep cleans. This depends on the type of furnishing, but regular brushing and vacuuming using a carpet or upholstery attachment will remove surface food particles, hair and dust.

      For stains, you should blot them dry and treat these as soon as they occur with a recommended product for your fabric and furniture type. Remember to always test the product first in an unseen area.

      Ever asked yourself ‘how often should I have my carpets and upholstery cleaned?’ The answer depends on the amount of use it sees. We recommend a deep clean around once a year for carpets and one every two years for furnishings.

      We work on:

      • Lounges
      • Mattresses
      • Factory Floors
      • Dining chairs
      • Office furniture
      • Vehicle interiors

      Types of furniture we clean

      • Carpets
      • Sofas and armchairs
      • Beds and mattresses
      • Factory floors
      • Office chairs
      • Dining chairs
      • Vehicle interiors
      • And more!

      We can also deep clean whole rooms, such as:

      • Carpets
      • Sofas and armchairs
      • Beds and mattresses
      • Factory floors
      • Office chairs
      • Dining chairs
      • Vehicle interiors
      • And more!

      We can also deep clean whole rooms, such as:




      Conservatories and sunrooms

      Staff areas and break rooms

      If you’re wondering how to prepare for upholstery cleaning, the best tip is to ensure the area is as clutter-free as possible. But don’t worry, we’ll always take measures to protect your surrounding areas.

      For more advice, get in touch with us today and get your free quote!


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      Our 100% Customer
      Satisfaction Guarantee


      Part and parcel of keeping your home or business in great condition is taking care of its upholstery.

      We use best practice cleaning methods and strive to ensure all the products we use adhere to the recommended guidelines for your furniture.

      If you’re not completely happy, just let us know. We offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, so we’ll come right back out and ensure it meets your standards. And you won’t pay a single cent more.

      So call now for your free, no-obligation quote on risk-free upholstery cleaning.


      Frequently Asked Questions

      1Can expensive furniture be damaged by upholstery cleaning?
      If practised by a professional cleaning team, then there is little to no risk to your furniture. We carry out several checks to ensure we use the recommended cleaning products for your furniture and material. We have thirty years’ experience, so we know the safest solutions for your furniture. For your peace of mind, however, we also have accidental cover insurance.
      2How much does upholstery cleaning cost?
      Upholstery cleaning costs vary depending on what needs to be cleaned: whether you have a large or antique/expensive piece of furniture, whether you require one item, several pieces or an entire room, and whether your furniture requires a specialist cleaning agent. For an accurate quote, call the Walkers team.
      3Are your staff trained to clean upholstery?
      Our staff are fully trained to clean and restore your upholstery and furniture. We use best practice methods, have the expert knowledge of what cleaning products to use on certain materials and we are fully licensed and certified.

      Are you ready to transform the look, smell and feel of your furniture, while extending their lifespan too?

      Book now or request a fast, obligation free quote from our upholstery cleaning experts today!

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