Carpet Cleaning

Complete stain removal with a sparkling finish.

Extend the life of your carpet to save you money.

Obligation free quotes at industry leading prices.

    Carpet Cleaning

    Complete stain removal with a sparkling finish.

    Extend the life of your carpet to save you money.

    Obligation free quotes at industry leading prices.

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      Are you looking for professional
      carpet cleaning…

      To add a new lease of life to your rooms and add value to your home?

      To create a healthy and hygienic home for your family?

      To maintain your carpets in excellent condition to prevent premature replacement?

      Whatever reason you have to clean your tile and grout,
      you’re in the right place.

      At Walker’s Floor Care, we have demonstrated excellence in carpet cleaning for over three decades, so we know that a clean and attractive carpet is key to feeling comfortable in your surrounds. That’s why we provide professional carpet cleaning in Drouin - at home and anywhere else you need it.

      We service traditional houses, but we also provide carpet cleaning for apartments and carpet cleaning for cars too. But other than to keep them looking fresh, not many people know why carpet cleaning is important.

      The reality is, your carpet can harbour bugs, dirt, dust and hair. This means it could exacerbate skin and respiratory conditions and even allergies. Not only that but a stained, discoloured and marked carpet can make your home look old before its time – something that will take value off it when the time comes to sell up.

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      How much does
      professional carpet cleaning cost?

      We often get asked how much professional carpet cleaning costs, but it depends on several factors.

      These include the size of your carpet, whether it stretches across several floors, and sometimes the type of carpet. Some carpets are easier to clean than others, while other carpets may require specialist tools or cleaning products.

      We can give you a more accurate custom quote to suit your budget when you get in touch, so book your professional carpet cleaning today!


      How does carpet dry cleaning
      differ from steam cleaning?

      Learn about the main differences between dry carpet cleaning vs steam cleaning.

      What is dry carpet cleaning?

      Following a pre-vacuum, your carpet will be treated using a special solvent and water-based cleaning solution. This works to dissolve any oils in your carpet which trap stains so that they can be removed.

      Following this, your carpet will be cleaned using a rotary cleaner with cotton absorbent pads that have been soaked in a high-temperature water. As these pads whizz across your carpet they remove dirt and sweep it away.

      What is steam carpet cleaning?

      Steam cleaning, like the kind we use at Walkers, also requires a preliminary vacuum to remove surface dirt and involves a pre-treatment spray to help break down particles. Once done, a steam clean plunges hot water deep into the pile of your carpet under great force. Next, the water will be extracted, bringing with it the dirt and grime that has been trapped in your carpet.

      If you’re wondering which is better, a carpet cleaning steam vs dry carpet cleaning, there are advantages to both. However, we prefer the hot water extraction method because we want to give our customers the deepest clean possible, and this is the best method to penetrate deep down into your carpet fibres.

      Steam cleaning gets the best results when used by a professional cleaning team, which is where Walkers comes in. To get your free carpet cleaning quote, call us today.


      As a professional carpet cleaning
      company in Drouin, we have…

      • Over thirty years’ experience and satisfied customers across Drouin.
      • The flexibility to provide tailored service plans that work around your needs.
      • Leading technology to enhance carpet appearance and prolong carpet life.
      • Eco-friendly, pet-friendly and child-safe cleaning products.
      • Full backing with our accidental damage cover and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
      • The skills, training, knowledge and experience to eliminate stubborn stains and marks.
      • Certificates and licences to provide excellent carpet cleaning in Drouin.

      Benefits of our carpet
      cleaning process

      There are a number of benefits of our steam carpet cleaning process, including:

      • A fresh new carpet without the expense and hassle of installing a new carpet.
      • Quicker drying time so you can walk on it sooner.
      • Water is plunged deep into the fibres to lift even stubborn stains.
      • Pre-treatment enables a more effective clean.
      • We use some of the best carpet cleaning solutions available to provide professional results.
      • Save money on hiring the equipment yourself.
      • Ideal solution before a house move or end of tenancy.
      • Carpet cleaning can take place while you’re out, saving you time.

      Areas we service

      Are you carpets sort of clean, or Walkers clean? Add colour and character with our affordable carpet cleaning services today.

      Based in Drouin, we work in the following suburbs.

      • Warragul
      • Moe
      • Pakenham
      • Garfield
      • Bunyip
      • Rokeby
      • Yarragon
      • Longwarry
      • Buln Buln
      • Neerim South
      • Warragul
      • Moe
      • Pakenham
      • Garfield
      • Bunyip
      • Rokeby
      • Yarragon
      • Longwarry
      • Buln Buln
      • Neerim South

      If you’re looking to hire a proven, experienced and hardworking carpet cleaning team then reach out and speak to us today!


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      Professional Carpet Cleaning
      vs DIY Carpet Cleaning

      If you’re wondering which carpet cleaning company is the best in Drouin, look no further. At Walkers Floor Care, we have built up an enviable reputation over the past thirty years and counting.

      If you’re considering tackling the carpet cleaning yourself, here are some of the benefits you get from professional carpet cleaning vs DIY.


      Whether you need a one-off clean or a regular maintenance schedule, we will work around your needs and can provide the best service to suit your budget. We can provide a carpet cleaning quick dry treatments, and we also offer a range of other flooring and carpet services such as carpet dyeing.

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      See the Walkers Floor Care
      Difference For Yourself

      If you have heavily soiled carpets and you’re looking to bring them back to new, or you need your carpets cleaned ahead of a move, take a look at our before and after carpet cleaning case studies:


      Carpet cleaning

      This customer asked us whether we could remove their ground-in food and drink stains from the carpet. Because the original shade of the carpet was beige, they were worried this soiling would never effectively be removed. But that’s where Walkers came to the rescue.

      With our steam carpet cleaning, we blitzed the carpet free of stains and other dirt damage, returning it like new. Our customer also asked if we could dye their carpet to a darker shade to prevent more instances like this and preserve it for longer, and the results speak for themselves.


      Our 100% Customer
      Satisfaction Guarantee


      We want all our customers to be happy and fully satisfied with their results. That’s why we provide a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

      We are true to our word, and if there is anything you’re not completely happy with after we’ve finished, simply get in touch and we’ll return to put things right at zero extra cost to you.

      With our carpet cleaning fully guaranteed and insured against accidental damage, you can have peace of mind when booking our services. So arrange your own risk-free carpet cleaning today!


      Frequently Asked Questions

      1How do I choose a good carpet cleaning service?
      If you want the best results, choose a professional carpet cleaning company with plenty of experience. We use a steam cleaning method which is the most preferred process of carpet cleaning and we have over thirty years in the business, so there’s nothing we haven’t tackled before.
      2What are the difference between carpet cleaning methods?
      The two main methods of carpet cleaning are steam cleaning and dry cleaning. Steam cleaning involves plunging hot water and a carpet cleaning solution down into your carpet fibres to lift stubborn stains, which are then extracted again and sucked away. Dry cleaning involves treating the carpet with a cleaning agent and then moving hot water-soaked pads across in a rotating fashion. Steam cleaning is the method most recommended by manufacturers because it provides a deeper clean and it leaves your carpets drier.
      3What should I expect from my carpet cleaners?
      When you’re hiring our carpet cleaners you can expect them to work to your needs and create a bespoke quote and treatment plan based on your needs. You can also expect a friendly and courteous team to show up on time and be fully transparent about the costs, expected outcomes and timeframe.
      4How much does carpet cleaning cost?
      Carpet cleaning costs depend on your specific needs, including the size of the area and whether you require any specialist cleaning solutions. We can put together a more accurate quote when you get in touch with our customer service team.
      5Should I rent a carpet cleaning machine?
      For the best results, we recommend using a professional carpet cleaning company. Commercial-grade cleaners are more effective and more powerful than those available to hire, and they will be able to complete the job to a higher standard and a quicker time frame than those without experience. They can also get your carpets drier because less residue will be left behind.
      6How soon can I get my carpets cleaned?
      We work around you, and will endeavour to get your carpets cleaned as quickly as possible. Sometimes the wait may only be a couple of days, though at busy times there may be a longer delay. Always book as soon as you know when you will require carpet cleaning. We will always do our best to clean your carpets at a time that is convenient, and we can continue to work even while you’re out of the house.

      Are you ready for vibrant and clean carpets that look and feel amazing, all while adding value to your property too?

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