Stone Floor Cleaning

Stunning finishes for all stone types.

Sealant protection extends the life of your floor.

Obligation free quotes at industry leading prices.

    Stone Floor Cleaning

    Stunning finishes for all stone types.

    Sealant protection extends the life of your floor.

    Obligation free quotes at industry leading prices.

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      Do you want to
      give your stone floor some TLC…

      To boost your property’s appearance and add value to your home without installing a new floor?

      To restore the aesthetic appeal of your floor and make everyday cleaning easier?

      To improve the hygiene of your home to benefit your family and pets?

      Whatever reason you have to clean your stone floors,
      you’re in the right place.

      To keep your stone flooring looking great and functioning to its full potential, you need to ensure it is properly maintained. That starts with stone floor cleaning, and while there are certain things you can do yourself, over time, dirt and contaminants build up, making now the perfect time to book a deep clean.

      At Walkers Floor Care we have over three decades of experience dealing with every possible stone surface in and around Drouin (and then some).

      With affordable prices and our unbeatable 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, we provide quality workmanship at the most affordable prices, time after time.

      For all commercial and domestic stone floor cleaning services, call Walkers Floor Care today!

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      Our Services


      Stone Floor 101

      Have you found yourself wondering what you should consider when polishing a marble floor? Or perhaps you have another type of stone flooring, such as porcelain, slate, granite or clay?

      Firstly, you need to consider the threats to your stone. For instance, marble can be harmed by acids, causing more and more damage as time goes by. Only use a recommended marble stone polishing powder and a low-speed power buffer.

      You also need to consider whether your stone requires a topical or penetrating sealer. Polished stones such as marble, granite and porcelain require a penetrating sealer, which seeps into the structure to repel moisture. While topical sealers are ideal for more porous surfaces like slate and travertine.

      Save yourself the headache of sourcing expensive stone cleaners and spending hours scrubbing and scraping.

      The best way to look after your stone flooring is to book a visit from a professional cleaning team. Call now for your free quote.


      What are the
      benefits of a stone floor cleaning?


      What to expect from Walkers
      stone floor cleaning?

      If you’re wondering what to expect from a floor cleaning company, we can’t speak for the unregulated cowboys out there.

      What we offer though is a reliable and punctual service that arrives on time and on budget.

      Our pricing is honest and upfront, with obligation free quotes and no hidden charges or fees.

      With over three decades working in and around Drouin, we know our clients expect results at a price that won’t break the bank.

      So that’s exactly what we offer.

      When you call on Walkers to tend to your stone floor cleaning, you can expect:

      Attention to detail We don’t stop until we’ve achieved our best results, and we apply this to every project. We will thoroughly sweep your stone floor so that is clear of contaminants before applying a professional deep clean and finish. Nothing gets past our eye for detail, so your floor will look as good as new.

      Expert knowledge We know the best way to look after your stone floor, whether it is marble, granite or ceramic. That’s because we have been cleaning floors professionally for over thirty years. We’ll share all our expert tips so you can keep on top of your cleaning easily.

      The best cleaning methods Our four-step process means you’re guaranteed a thorough assessment and deep clean to get the perfect finish, using the best stone floor cleaning techniques and cleaning products for your floor type. We can even seal it to protect it for longer.

      100% satisfaction guarantee Our satisfaction guarantee means that even if you’re not entirely happy we will return to put things right as soon as possible, at no extra cost.

      It can be difficult knowing what to expect from a cleaner, but so long as you choose a reliable and trusted professional, you don’t need to worry. We are fully insured so you can book your stone floor cleaning risk free!


      Our stone floor cleaning
      and restoration process

      Have you found yourself wondering what the best cleaning method for your flooring is?

      Well, that all depends on your specific type of stone. Here at Walkers, we have been in the business for over thirty years, so you can trust us when it comes to knowing how to clean natural stone floors.

      Even though every floor is different, we will always use our trusted four-step process to guide us and deliver unbeatable results time and time again.

      Step One - Assessment

      Before we clean your stone flooring, our technicians will give your floor a thorough evaluation to produce the best treatment plan. This will take into the type of stone, any existing damage, the degree of soiling, whether it has been sealed and polished, and the threats it is exposed to on a daily basis.

      Step Two - Pre-treatment

      With the assessment taken care of, we will give your stone floor a thorough clean using a dry mop and delicately vacuum any hard to reach areas with our specialist equipment.

      Step Three - Cleaning

      Now we can begin to treat your floor. We use different stone floor cleaning methods depending on your specific floor type, whether you have a siliceous stone or calcareous stone floor.

      Siliceous stone floors include granite, bluestone, slate, brownstone and more. They are hard-wearing, which means they can be cleaned using a mild acid-based solutions.

      On the other hand, calcareous stone floors, have a high calcium carbonate makeup which can be affected by acids and therefore need gentler cleaning solutions. These include travertine, marble and limestone.

      Step Four - Polishing and sealing

      Once your floor is beautifully soil-free, we can begin to seal in the perfection. If you prefer a glossy finish, we can buff it using our specialist commercial-grade buffing and polishing ingredients and equipment. And to protect it from future wear, we can apply the recommended sealer for your stone type, whether topical or penetrating.

      Book your quote today and get brighter stone floors in next to no time!


      As a professional stone floor cleaning company, we can…

      • Provide the gentlest and most efficient clean for your stone type.
      • Demonstrate excellent knowledge of natural stone maintenance and share our tips.
      • Remove stains and dirt to provide a deep clean for an attractive and healthy home.
      • Protect your stone flooring for the future using the recommended type of sealant.
      • Come back out if you aren’t completely satisfied, at no additional expense.
      • Provide peace of mind through accidental cover insurance.
      • Provide effective stone polishing techniques to restore a high gloss.
      • Deep clean your stone flooring whether you are a business or a residential property.

      Professional Stone Floor Cleaning
      vs DIY Stone Floor Cleaning

      What do you hate the most about stone floor maintenance?

      For some it’s the fact that spills can quickly be absorbed, meaning a lot of elbow grease is required to work them out. For others, it’s the fact that dirt quickly causes scratches which fades the gloss on their stone flags.

      With stone flooring needing a deep clean on a regular basis, you might be wondering ‘should I clean stone floors myself?’ Let’s take a look at the benefits of hiring a professional cleaning service as compared to a DIY clean.


      There are many reasons to opt for professional stone floor cleaning over doing it yourself, not least that it can take a long time to get right and you could cause damage to your flooring if the wrong cleaning solutions or tools are used.

      When you choose Walkers Floor Care you get guaranteed results, a reliable service, and with your the life of your surfaces extended you end up with more money in your pocket too.

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      Types of stone floors
      we clean

      If you have stone flooring in your home or business, then it’s important to know what kind you have so that you can undertake the safest and most effective cleaning method for it.

      If you’re wondering what are the different types of natural stone flooring we clean, take a look at our list:

      • Marble
      • Granite
      • Slate
      • Limestone
      • Porcelain
      • Travertine
      • Ceramic
      • And more!

      We also provide cleaning for sealed and unsealed stone flooring, and we can apply sealer to protect your floors if we think this is suitable for your floor type and the area in which your floor is located.

      To find out more and get your free quote, call today!


      Areas we service

      If you’re wondering where you can find an expert stone floor cleaning service near you, look no further.

      We offer a premium floor cleaning service across a wide range of outer Melbourne suburbs. If you're looking to give your stone surfaces the attention they deserve, we're here to help.

      Based in Drouin, we work in the following suburbs.

      • Warragul
      • Moe
      • Pakenham
      • Garfield
      • Bunyip
      • Rokeby
      • Yarragon
      • Longwarry
      • Buln Buln
      • Neerim South
      • Warragul
      • Moe
      • Pakenham
      • Garfield
      • Bunyip
      • Rokeby
      • Yarragon
      • Longwarry
      • Buln Buln
      • Neerim South

      If you’re looking to hire a proven, experienced and hardworking floor cleaning team then reach out and speak to us today!


      Walkers Floor Care Tips

      #1 Use the right products

      The first rule of caring for marble floors, terrazzo, porcelain or any other stone floor is to ensure you use the right product. Household products such as grout cleaner and acids such as vinegar and lemon juice can dull the surface, while abrasive cleaning tools and vacuums without wheels or with worn brushes can also leave marks.

      #2 Brush on a daily basis

      The best way to care for your stone floor is to clean spills and dirt as soon as possible and give it a thorough brush on a daily basis. If you are going to use a vacuum, ensure it is on the correct setting and isn’t missing wheels to prevent scratches to the surface.

      #3 Know the type of floor

      Before using any stone cleaning products on it, ensure you have removed all surface particles. You also need to know the type of stone your floor is made of, otherwise you risk damaging the finish.

      #4 Go the extra mile

      Once you have found a special cleaning agent formulated for your floor type, spray and leave to set according to the instructions, before mopping twice with separate buckets of water to remove any residue. Finish off with a buff and stone floor polishing depending on the effect you’re going for and the stone type.


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      Our 100% Customer
      Satisfaction Guarantee


      When you contract a company to take care of your stone floor cleaning, you want to be assured that there’s no risk involved.

      That’s why you should always use a reputable professional, family-run company like Walkers.

      Our stone floor cleaning service guarantee means you’ll be assured 100% satisfaction too.

      If there is anything less than perfect with your cleaned stone floor, just let us know and we’ll come back out to put things right for absolutely ZERO cost.

      Ready to find out how stone floor cleaning could improve your home? Get in touch with our customer service representatives for your free quote!


      Frequently Asked Questions

      1How often should you clean your floors?
      The frequency with which you should clean your floors depends on where they are, how much traffic they see and how dirty they get. For stone floors in a high-traffic area, you should brush and dry mop them using a microfiber mop at least once a day. You should use water on them less frequently, and have them deep cleaned at least once a year. If you would like more specific advice on your floor type, give our customer service representatives a call.
      2How to get rid of stains on stone floors?
      The best way to remove stains is to treat them early. When a spillage occurs, ensure your clear away any dirt and blot the spills rather than wipe them. Next, douse the area with tepid water and an everyday mild soap. Ensure the area is thoroughly dried with a clean, soft cloth before deciding whether to repeat the process. For ingrained stains, only a professional deep clean will do. You may also want to consider sealing the stone to prevent stains occurring again.
      3Why is it important to have your floors cleaned?
      Having your stone floors cleaned doesn’t just restore their original aesthetic, it can keep your home healthy and hygienic, and prevent the flooring from wearing out quicker, saving you money on a premature replacement.
      4Why can’t I just clean it myself?
      We recommend sweeping and dry mopping your stone floor yourself using our free advice above. However, we recommend a deep clean every year to keep your floor in the best condition. This should only be done by a professional who knows how to treat your specific stone floor without causing damage.
      5Why are my tiles always dirty?
      If your stone tiles are always dirty, it is likely because they are in a high-traffic environment. You should brush and dry mop such areas at least once a day, as well as take measures to prevent this, such as requesting no shoes in the house. If they remain stained, it’s time to book a professional clean to eradicate what could be years of built-up dirt, dust, spills and grime.
      6How much is stone floor cleaning?
      The cost of stone floor cleaning depends on the area size, as well as the type of stone. This determines what products can be used on it.
      7Are your staff trained to clean stone floors?
      Our family-run team has over thirty years in the business providing stone cleaning for businesses and homeowners. They know the best way to treat every kind of stone in the most effective yet gentlest way possible. To find out more and get your risk-free quote, get in touch!

      Are you ready for clean, elegant and long lasting stone floors?

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