4 Tips on How to Clean Wooden Floors

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December 30, 2018

4 Tips on How to Clean Wooden Floors

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Walkers Floor Care understands what wooden floors need to stay clean. Floorboards and hardwood floors are in the hard floors category, which also includes stone, tiles, and concrete. Keeping floorboards clean throughout their life requires certain things to make sure they stay vibrant and intact for as long as possible. So, here are four tips on how to clean your wooden floors.

1. Clear the floor of furniture and other obstructions

This is the first step to ensuring that no spots are left unclean for any period. Make sure you sweep your floors regularly to protect them against dust and to ensure any finish or protective layers you have added to your floors have a healthy lifespan.

2. Dry mop or vacuum first

Without water, use a mop or a vacuum to remove any dust and dirt from your wooden floors before you wash them. This allows the soap and water to be most effective during your next process. NOTE: make sure the bristles on your broom, mop or vacuum cleaner are soft and are not going to damage your wooden floors when you sweep them. Vacuum cleaner heads can also damage wooden floors, so caution is advised when using one.

3. Wet mop and wash

Using a wet mop or something similar, add water with either a cup of methylated spirits or white vinegar into a bucket of hot water. Ensure your entire floor space is covered by the time you have finished and that you rinse the mop regularly while cleaning.

4. Buff the floor to remove any excess soap and dirt you may have missed

Using a microfibre cloth or something similar, buff your hardwood floors to remove any excess soap and dirt you may have missed. This will also give your floors a polished look and prevent anything you missed from getting stuck back into your beautiful hardwood floors.

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