Which is Cleaner: Carpet or Wood Floors?

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Which is Cleaner: Carpet or Wood Floors?

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It’s the age-old debate that’s still relevant today. Which is cleaner: carpet or wood floors? It may be the reason you choose one or the other, so Walkers Floor Care is here to take you through the pros and cons and clear up the debate once and for all.

Carpet floors

Carpets are notoriously good at hiding dust and dirt. This obviously depends on the colour, but don’t worry – even white carpets can hide more than you think. Carpets aren’t necessarily cleaner than wooden floors but just hide it better. This is an easy problem to solve through regular carpet cleaning, including weekly vacuums and yearly hot water extraction systems by hired professionals.

Wooden floors

Wooden floors can be easier to clean and often bunch the dirt, grime and hair in a corner or hallway. It’s been said that wooden floors require less cleaning and are easier to clean, but this depends on how you clean and how often you do it. Because while it’s easy to spot and sweep up the clumps of mess, cleaning your wood floors on a weekly basis will keep them looking as they should.

The verdict

Both wooden and carpet floors have their pros and cons, but it really depends on how often and how well you clean them. Wooden floors have a reputation for being easy to clean – and they can be – but they must be cleaned well and regularly. Carpets are notoriously good at hiding everyday house dirt, but on closer inspection, they often aren’t cleaner than wood floors at all.

So, the secret isn’t necessarily in carpet or wood floors being cleaner than each other, but how well and how often you clean your floors. Let’s be honest: there’s no easy way out of cleaning your floors! Instead, it’s the pride you take in them which is the deciding factor here. Hiring professionals for a thorough once-over will also ensure your floors are at their best, whether it be carpet or wood.

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