How to Care For Your Carpet When You Have Pets

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How to Care For Your Carpet When You Have Pets

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Cats and dogs can make your house a home. And while you don’t have to choose between them, there are methods of keeping both your pets and your carpets in harmony with each other.

Hair and fur

You may not always see it until you’re up close, but pet hair can stick to your carpet the same way it does to your clothes or your furniture. Regular vacuuming and deodorising will remove traces of pet hair from your carpets. Once a week is preferred, while a yearly professional carpet clean using a hot water extraction system will bring the life back to your carpets.


Whichever stains make their way into your carpet, either by spills and breaks or a lack of toilet training, it’s always best to treat carpet stains as soon as possible, using the most effective methods to extract the stain.

For any toilet mishaps, use a paper towel to blot the stain dry. It’s important you don’t push any moisture further into your carpet by rubbing it. If the paper towel is no longer soaking up any moisture, replace it and repeat the blotting process, remembering that you are trying to contain the stain, not spread it out further.

Once most of the moisture is gone, apply a mix of 50% water and 50% vinegar and soak the area with the solution from a water or spray bottle. Scrub the area hard to ensure the solution reaches deep into your carpet. This will remove any remaining liquids from the stain.

Now, pour baking soda onto the stained and wet area. The area will start to fizz and crackle as it begins to lift the stain out of your carpet. Leave the baking soda until it’s completely dried up the stain. It might take one to two days or just overnight, but once it’s completely dry, vacuum the area and your carpet will be back to normal.

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