How to Get Your Children to Help Clean Your Floors

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How to Get Your Children to Help Clean Your Floors

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This may sound like an impossible task. It may sound like such an unlikely scenario that your time is better spent just cleaning your floors yourself. But hold on, don’t leave just yet. Because after all, we’re professionals. And we can teach you how to get your children to help clean your floors. Just bear with us. This will have been worth it in the end.

Step one: mindset

Remember that you already understand why your children may not want to do chores – it’s for the same reason you don’t like doing them. They’re tedious, boring, disruptive to your daily and weekend routine, but overall, they’re necessary. Your mindset at this point shouldn’t just be how you can get your kids to help clean your floors, but how you can have fun doing it together.

Step two: reward systems

You may love the look of freshly vacuumed carpets, polished stone floors and shiny, sparkling wood floors, but children generally won’t. So think about which rewards will bring out your child’s inspiration and imagination.

Step three: do it together!

Making floor cleaning something rewarding for both you and your children can get things done quicker and easier. Your children may be rewarded with more screen time or something fun to eat and your floors will look brilliant and sparkling, as well as strengthening family ties and teamwork.


Every family and each relationship is different. So we can’t be too specific here, because a lot is going to depend on how your family works. For example, if you’re all early risers, maybe the morning is the best time. But if you and your family like sleepy Saturday mornings, make it a goal to have the floors cleaned before your big lunch or afternoon activities. What your children consider fun and rewarding may differ from other people’s children, so remember to make sure it’s worthwhile for them too.

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