How Often Should You Get Your Floors Professionally Cleaned?

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How Often Should You Get Your Floors Professionally Cleaned?

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This is a question many people ask themselves as both renters and homeowners. We all know it’s important to get your floors professionally cleaned, but how often is enough? That’s why, at Walkers Floor Care, we’re going to give you the low-down and answer any questions you may have.

The first crucial piece of information you need to consider is the kind of floors you have. From stone and vinyl to hardwood and carpet floors, different materials require different solutions. For example, carpet floors need yearly professional hot water extractions. But although this is a rule of thumb, if you feel like your carpet floors need cleaning even though you only had them done six months ago, there’s a good chance you are correct. Don’t worry, we all lead busy lives and carpets can often show that. The once a year rule is only there to help gauge how often you should have your floors cleaned, but we don’t recommend you wait another six months if you’re unhappy with the state of your carpets right now.

Wooden floors

This also depends on when you last got your wood floors professionally cleaned, how much wear and use they get, and whether they’re sealed or not. For example, for most types of wood floors, it’s recommended you get them sealed in some way or another, as this will improve their longevity. But seals can last for different amounts of time depending on the type of sealant and wood they are used on.

Again, if you feel you need an expert to clean your wood floors, there’s no harm in contacting a professional for a free quote and advice on when is best and what methods to use when preserving the health and life of your beautiful hardwood floors.

Whether it’s time for your yearly professional floor clean or you would like some help with how you can bring your floors back to life – and keep them there – call Walkers Floor Care today on 0411 403 089 or visit our website for professional and friendly advice and solutions for your home.

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